Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Steps Involved in Building Websites from Web Design, Hosting, Content, and Traffic

It is needless to emphasize the importance of owning a website in today’s world. This also explains why web design and development is also similarly important. Web design is basically about designing the layout of the website. Images, colors, font size and style and all other interactive elements are used on a website. How each action on the site causes a reaction like moving the mouse cursor over a link may change its color and so on all fall under web designing.

Web Design is done using markup language such as HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and so on. A website can have more than one page. These include the homepage, contact information, and so on. The homepage is the main page because that is the page first shown on a web browser when visiting the site. After completing the overall designing of the site, there is still the programming and web hosting which needs to be taken care of.

Web Content

When designing websites, the focus is not on the design of the page alone but on the content as well. A well designed website brings visitors but content retains them there and keeps bringing them back.

Web Browser Compatibility

There are various web browsers in the market today like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc. and it is important to make sure that the website is cross-browser compatible. What it means is that certain coding or designing of a page may work differently depending on different web browsers. So it is important to test the website in all browsers and make adjustments if necessary to ensure everything’s working perfectly.

Web Traffic

Now after the site is up and running, the next step is to draw traffic and start working towards its objective. You may exert DIY efforts or hire expert companies. If you choose to hire professionals, find one which deals with web design, web hosting, web content, social media marketing, and SEO or search engine optimization. One of the ways to draw traffic and make people aware about your website is by ensuring that the site is SEO efficient. SEO helps improve website rank in search engines. The higher the ranking in search engines, the more visits the site receives.

Guest Post by Maria, the author of this post is an SEO and social media consultant. You may contact her through the blog www.freemindsfreelines.com 

Monday, April 9, 2012

List of Top Hosting Rated Sources

Hosting industry really emerging area of internet and every company want to provide best deals to their clients to ensure future trust and long term relationship. It would be ever a nice idea to go with top rated hosting services rather choose any hosting company. So here we have tried to come up with top rated hosting sources –

Word press  - Whenever we start to talk about top rated hosting service then first name come that is word press hosting. The reason behind is so simple most technical thousands of plug-in and helpful forum area, more technical and valuable places. The latest updated of word press version is 3.3.1 version it’s quit easy to download and work with this. We can say its highly rated hosting place.

Blue host – I hope most of people are aware of this name most rated shared hosting places and it help people with its most article or knowledgbase area. Blue Host is one of the 20 largest web hosts, collectively hosting well over 1.9+ million domains

Dream host - Business was established in the year 1996. The business is trendy all over the planet for its superb services. They provide web hosting solutions to its clientele and other site owned which makes it one of the webs hosting providers’ world.

Apoto – Apoto is one of the growing webs hosting provider in India and produced well satisfactory result for their client. They have become very popular in very short span of time and getting positive feedback from their clients. Quote “pay less and gain more” High quality hosting services at affordable price.

Host Monster – Host monster is one of the sister website of blue host and really famous name in hosting fields. They provide powerful hosting support and great shared hosting feature.

The above five sites are top rated hosting services of 2012 and they all are fist choice of web hosting company searchers. Even they are millions of web hosting companies but can not be listed at one place. So you just need to spend some time to know the review of any website and how they are really affordable

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What Should We Think Before Hire Freelance?

No doubt that you at right place for your query many of members may help you on same and some of can guild you better but it’s really important to know about the one to whom you are going to choose for free lance work. If you just looking for design your website then you may proceed with past experience and overall services that will be given by him. How much time it required, you may also connected with top website designer companies and ask your query. No need to worry they are not asking money for any query.

If you are thinking to build your own website by using some easy software as they can feel you to work with Microsoft word then is happy you may go with website builder. They are more attractive and easy to use you don’t need any kind of technical information or just pay you time and enjoy website that you want.

You may ensure yourself by knowing something about SEO and how your website deal in search engine what traffic you really required? And some more question that you may ask before hire an freelancer for your website -

About SEO

Many of people will give you surety with top ranking and thousands of visitors at your website.  But sadly it’s not possible always many conditions are here that can be consider for site ranking and major factor is keywords competition.

Traffic Types

Organic traffic always consider as best traffic and have higher chance to get sale and mostly found that conversion rate is always higher with organic results.

Referring traffic is always seen less profitable less chance of sale but you would get higher enquiry and traffic at your website.

Direct traffic is much better then organic or referring, that is mean you are getting traffic by you name and your site increasing its brand value. Your name is your service.

You may also read some SEO myth that freelancer may tell you - http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.in/2009/06/traffic-drops-and-site-architecture_29.html

Best is guest posting - 

It’s not quite easy to measure any trick as people are not really aware on search engine algorithm and its hard to say what percentage guest posting effective to search engine ranking either it’s easy to say that guest posting is an effective method to get higher ranking in search engine as guest posting have less chance to get spamming.

Social Optimization - 

Social networking site like face book, twitter and LinkedIn have millions of active users and continue increasing their members so don’t think too much just look how you can attract towards you site. No need to worry at all SEO is just can’t become a tool as competition will remain increase now Google can‘t do this just enhance its ranking algorithm.

These are the things are really important when you consider to hire a freelancer now you have ability to ask question with them. We dont think that an professionalization SEO company is wrong choice. By this you get more interactions and features. We wish you good luck

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Myth of Using Website Builder Software

There is a general thought behind website builder that the designers will crumble your online reputation, this is totally a myth. With this article I’m going to expose these myths.

Myth #1. Online site builder is only for Neophyte/Fresher

These tools are designed in such a simple way that any Neophyte/fresher can easily use it and design a website. Not only it is useful for new ones, but also for the most experienced persons who are having a number of years of experience in designing professional websites. They can introduce several other features in the website by using these tools.

Myth #2. Looks like a Xerox

When you start building a website, surely, you start with a rough idea of design. Website building tools provides you 100 percent customization facility. Take an example; if you want to change the template then you can change it by changing its HTML code. Similarly, if you want to change header position then you can simply drag it from top to bottom.

Myth #3. Your Website will be limited

In earlier days, the feature of customization was not taken into account while designing website building tools, but now they build custom website building software by including several features in it like HTML code and widgets. For example, if you want a flash banner then you can get it by using flash generator. Similarly, if you want a YouTube button then you can copy its code and paste in the HTML code of your website where you want it to be on your site.

Myth #4.  All website builder software gives the same look

Website building tools are very flexible, meaning thereby, provides you with the opportunity to make your website in your own way. Generally, what happens? Mostly people get stick to the same templates in order to generate traffic. However, it is a stupidity, people gets attracted by information and love site navigation. In this technology growing world, don’t remain stick to only one design, time to time updates are necessary.

Myth #5.  Website won’t rank high in search engine

This is a wrong thinking; one can easily get a high ranking through website builders. You can easily add keywords, content, description to your website with the help of these tools, but if you are building website on your own i.e. without using site builder tools then often it will take more time to edit your Meta tags and similar things.  Hence, with these tools you can easily enter relevant keywords on every page and in right Meta tag. Many of site builders are advance and they understand the needs of SEO and build up an easy CMS to make website perfectly and friendly to search engine and visitor too. You must know that how search works and there is no effect that you are using what software

Search engine Spiders and its work

Google have published its own PDF file or SEO guidelines. Make sure your site is indexed by search engines, which means automated "spiders" will crawl over your site's content and put it on the map. From there, optimization involves a combination of editorial and technical tweaks. Essentially, content - particularly headlines - needs to be descriptive and literal, using keywords consumers are likely to use. Some sites may try to "trick" Google, either by loading pages with too many irrelevant keywords, or with "doorway" pages that use links in bulk with no original content. If you are focusing to work with high traffic and competitive keywords then you have another option to go with SEO services because its required lots of promotion task that SEO company may do it.

Myth #6.  Difficult to use

Website building tools are very simple; they are just like MS-Word. These tools provide basic tutorials for those who are not aware with the technical languages. So in any way these tools are not difficult to use.

Lets talk about Druple As we all know that it’s one of the good content management system, provides a platform for website designing. When you get logged into Drupal then you will see a series of buttons which will allow you to easily add or edit your content. The pages you add to it will automatically get appear into the menu. With Drupal, editing of a page is as easy as writing in word. Some people think that all website designed with Drupal looks similar, but it is not true as it provides you the option to use your own templates. Same policy does apply on word press and Joomla.

In Nutshell, building website through website building software is very simple and there is no risk in it. EcoSiteBuilder provides an blog on Build My Own Website that really sound well in terms of building website

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make Your Website More Reachable By Having Professional Way

Eco Site Builder
Today website is term which everybody is well aware of, the business having their website to reach to the existing customers or to the future one. The businesses have preferences to go for the professional websites, the term professional have its own impact. The professional website is always having different and professional looks. The website is a combination of web pages and content, as well as the videos, music, audio, and of images. The professional site can be created by the free website builder tools available online.

The purpose of having the website is playing the major role in building a website. The business requires having a professional one as that looks more reliable. The website builders have the facility for the users to create the professional looking website. The online site builder tool provides the different kind of facilities for the users to create their website.

Those builders usually make the process easy for the non-technical people as well. Making a website using this kind of website builders doesn’t even require having the knowledge of any programming language or HTML. These are the online available software where you can make your website.

What a business requires is the wider reach or the increased number of customers. The website is proves to be the best medium for the doing the business online, even for non online business as well as. For making a website with the help of site builder the user doesn’t even need to spend huge amount money. If you are starting a business the site builder will help in money matters.

To make it simpler for users the website builders like ecositebuilder.com or the doodle kit are having the tutorials available on the site. With that you get the detailed description of the queries like How to make website, how to edit it, etc. Those tutorials are available in video as well as documents sort of ways. You can see and understand or read and understand. There I have found one more blog on Build My Own Website and happy to share it with you. Here I have found easy seven steps to build website. Every one wish to have their website got rank in Google or other search engine. For such position one need to have more attractive website in front of search engine.

The other feature a builder has is that around thousands of templates available which gives the look and a theme to the website. The templates are the basic things of your website it gives a theme to the website. If you are making the website using these kind of site builders you can then choose the templates matching the nature of your business. A business and a website have a direct connection now, if you have a business you need to have a website. The website is now easy to be building.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How dedicated server hosting is best?

If you are planning to start an internet business, then you must be thinking of hosting services.  We all know that hosting plays an important role but what type of hosting is good for business is always a tricky question.

The dedicated server hosting is the term which a newcomer in the internet business heard. The dedicated servers are the first choice of anybody, as it has so many advantages I feel.  The fact what people say is that the dedicated server gives them a feel of security. So many advantages a dedicated server hosting has. Let us uncover it is beneficial for our business or not.

The main things, what we want to have for our business is the more reliable and secure hosting services. The dedicated server are always said to be the most reliable and secure type of hosting. As the dedicated server gives a confidence that their data are secured. The dedicated server gives the complete access of a server to the client. So if you don’t want to go for sharing servers the dedicated server is the best for you.

If we talk about the problems come in when we take some of the hosting service, the overload of server will come first in our mind. But with the dedicated server this will not be happened as your site will be the single one. Plus you will not need to worry about the bad coding or script that would affect the hosting and performance of your website. Having a dedicated server is same as having your own server.

The freedom of customization is also being the part of dedicated server. You can add or install whatever software you needed for your site. The good performance of the website is another advantage of dedicated serve, as you the amount of uptime can be less than shared hosting services. Websites also will usually load faster when they are hosted on a dedicated server. So the dedicated server hosting is best if you have totally user friendly website.

With the dedicated server India you can make your website flourish into the web world. The dedicated hosting is best option for those who can spend a bit more and they will get the total control on their own site.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Local Dedicated Servers

Local Dedicated Server
All the business owners prefer to go for safe and private dedicated server for their business means they opt for the dedicated server datacenter and that too from their own region. With dedicated servers the company gets these benefits Customization, Reliability, Security, Unique IP Address, and if it is taken from the same country there will be an added advantages too. Choosing a web hosting provider that serves the same country where one do business is always preferred as it is easy to travel to the hosting company to check the quality of infrastructure they are having and many more. Some of the benefits are as follows.

Less expenses on the calling: when you are taking any services for small business server there will be an interaction between you and the hosting company’s support team or with the local clients, website visitors and online customers over the phone, this will be quite cheaper than using the long-distance or overseas phone calls, if online companies as well as their web hosting companies are based in different and distant countries. For Example your business is in India and you are taking services from US. Some more benefits are also there with dedicated servers hosting from India.

Faster Connectivity: If the hosting company and your business are in the same country you will be getting faster connectivity and better interaction with your local offline and online customers, and other website visitors.

For interaction with the customers it will be huge advantage: as in the same time Zone the interaction becomes easier and the technical and customer support staff will be able to understand the local accents better with low cost dedicated servers.

It will affect the marketing as well: with the other country hosting the accounting process also becomes difficult due to the ever-changing foreign exchange rates. The business will trust more on the local online company then the other country. These are very important features from all the legal aspects as well.

It affects the Search engine results as well: Using the local dedicated server hosting company will also give you the better search engine results because the Indian surfer will naturally use India based search engine and US surfers uses US based search engines so it would be better to go with dedicated servers India service if you are looking for local services, products and services. And high ranking of your product and services in the local region will give the better sales results too.

Search Engine give more importance to the websites hosted on local web servers: for SEO purpose the website on the local server give the better result, and for this one should go for the web server based in local data center.

For the business the local web servers are better and faster, and provide all the facilities with fewer efforts. It will help the business in many ways to serve the customer better. Lots of factors affected by this as produce better sales results in a cost-effective way, save more foreign exchange, produce more local jobs.